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Presence PC is a leading supplier of Antivirus protection and Internet security solutions purpose-built to protect PC and businesses, alternative providers, and home users from malicious and costly cyber threats. With over twenty years of business experience, Presence PC is among the world’s biggest threat intelligence clouds, providing unmatched protection against the most competitive online threats. Our very best software portfolio includes comprehensive endpoint and email security, together with threat intelligence for real-time malware analysis. Presence PC solutions provide easy-to-use, comprehensive, layered defense through cloud-based and host security, with cellular interfaces that enable fast hazard response. A proud Advanced Technology Partner of Amazon Web Services, Presence PC works globally across all Around the World

Top Free AntiVirus Software Reviews

1) AVG: Provides real-time protection and is user-friendly, great for your typical home user Has a commercial model which caters for business requirements. However, it doesn’t detect as much malware and viruses as the other two av program.

2) avast! home edition: Superior virus database and detection. Not as user-friendly. Confusing Icons and user-friendly interface. Detects a decent quantity of viruses and malware. It provides great real-time protection. The one thing that I don’t like about this is the user interface. It tries to appear visually attractive to users but endured in the consumer-friendliness.

3) Avira anti-virus: Very best database of viruses, finds almost as many viruses and other malware as commercial av. Decent user interface. Realtime scanner not like AVG. One more thing about the free version is that it pops out a random ad of its own product. But nonetheless, it is still quite a Great free av All has their Advantages and Disadvantages.