Top Free AntiVirus Software Reviews

laptopTop Free AntiVirus Software Reviews

Ever wondered whether free anti-virus software that is generally found on the internet is as good as they say? Here is the review… Lots of individuals have always wondered whether free antivirus suites are far better than their commercial counterparts. Well, according to my previous experiences, many free antivirus suites aren’t as good as their commercial counterparts…

This might be depressing news to a lot of internet users who don’t want to invest too much. However, many people do not understand that some commercial av(anti-virus) applications are not like commercial ones (around 5 percent ) But I will only speak about free av here. So Here Is a listing of the top 3 free av applications that I tried and tested

1) AVG: Provides real-time protection and is user-friendly, great for your typical home user Has a commercial model which caters for business requirements. However, it doesn’t detect as much malware and viruses as the other two av program.

2) avast! home edition: Superior virus database and detection. Not as user-friendly. Confusing Icons and user-friendly interface. Detects a decent quantity of viruses and malware. It provides great real-time protection. The one thing that I don’t like about this is the user interface. It tries to appear visually attractive to users but endured in the consumer-friendliness.

3) Avira anti-virus: Very best database of viruses, finds almost as many viruses and other malware as commercial av. Decent user interface. Realtime scanner not like AVG. One more thing about the free version is that it pops out a random ad of its own product. But nonetheless, it is still quite a Great free av All has their Advantages and Disadvantages.

Note: Don’t install more than one av application in a computer as the av may conflict with one another and cause your system to operate more slowly than usual. Therefore, my advice would be to stick to 1 av software, not put in any more.

Personally, I think Avira is my favorite av as it finds quite much more malware and viruses compared to the other two (about 5 percent more). The issue of the advertising popping out isn’t hindering my taste as it pops out. Nevertheless, the decision is yours.

Achieving effective security free of charge is possible, and excellent free anti-virus software is the largest contributor. The marks of a Fantastic anti-virus program are A) High detection rate b) Low false detection rates c) Low demand on system resources d) Easy to use

#1 Best Free Antivirus: Avira AntiVir Personal Avira Antivir has the highest detection rate and lowest need on your computer of all the free anti-virus programs. In actuality, AntiVir regularly outperforms many commercial anti-virus programs.

#2 Best Free Antivirus: Avast! Home Edition Avast!

#3 Best Free Antivirus: AVG Anti-virus Free Edition It does encourage antispyware (such as Avast!) and requires very little maintenance as it can update itself. AVG is an excellent solution for the individual who’s less tech-savvy.

These three antivirus programs include the best free antivirus solutions on the market. To finish your security solution, back among them up with a trustworthy anti-spyware program. With this under your belt, you’re well on the way to free, powerful computer security.

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